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[New Seminar Series] Managing the Liability of an Active Shooter Incident

byLowers & Associates | March 02, 2016

Are you prepared to manage an active shooter within your organization or a venue you manage?

Before you discount the possibility of that happening, you should know that the FBI has reported that at least 160 “active shooter incidents” occurred between 2000 and 2013, with an increasing frequency over time. These incidents combined to produce 1,043 casualties including 486 deaths. They occurred in 40 of 50 states, almost always involved a single shooter, and 70% of them were in a commercial or educational venue.

Most of the attacks were over before police arrived. If a shooter targets your organization, your managers, your staff, your customers, your students, or the public at large will be on their own.

To help you cope with this alarming liability, Lowers & Associates International (LAI) has developed a unique seminar that will teach organizations how to prepare for and manage an active shooter incident. The Comprehensive Active Shooter Incident Management (CASIM) seminar will provide you and your team with the information you need to develop or improve your active shooter and workplace violence prevention and response plan.

Each CASIM seminar will cover a range of topics that help organizations develop best-practice policies and procedures that are compliant with the law and mitigate the risk of an active shooter. Even though this risk is very small, the consequences of one active shooter incident can leave an organization and an entire community in shambles.

Quick action can save lives, and those actions have to be known and rehearsed. Perhaps equally important, the implementation of an active shooter prevention plan can give your employees a stronger sense of confidence in your organization and in each other.

Seminar topics will include:

  • Research and data profiling the active shooter
  • Best practices policies and procedures
  • How to respond to an active shooter in your vicinity
  • Staff training
  • How to respond to law enforcement when it arrives
  • Life-saving tactics, techniques, and drill exercises
  • And much more

Everyone in upper management, risk management, education, insurance, or property management can benefit from this seminar. It provides an important piece of a risk management plan that most organizations currently do not have.

CASIM seminars will be held at several locations around the country in the coming year. LAI can provide private seminars as well (call 786-429-3966 for more information).

We invite you to learn more and register for an upcoming seminar in your area.

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