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[Infographic] Workplace Violence Prevention: What You Need to Know to Build a Safer Workplace

byLowers & Associates | May 04, 2016
workplace violence

The effects of workplace violence are wide and long lasting. Each year millions are affected, from employees to executives, impacting business from productivity to profitability.

Many acts of violence are preventable, with the main responsibility resting in employers’ hands through proactive prevention. When violent acts do occur, having a plan in place can mitigate and prevent escalation.

OSHA requires employers to “provide employees with a workplace free from recognized hazards likely to cause death or serious physical harm.”

Our latest infographic outlines the dimension of this epidemic problem, how far the impact extends, and what to do to predict, prevent, and recover from incidents. Learn how to recognize the stages of workplace violence and the components of an effective prevention program.

Check it out here:


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