[Infographic] The State of Violence in the CIT Industry

By Lowers & Associates,

Robberies of armored CIT vehicles are a real risk faced by companies and their drivers. Violent robberies, which involve physical assault, guns, chemical sprays, and even murder, are quite another. Violent robberies are on the rise and have become a prevalent concern for armored carriers, even more so than in banks. The phenomenon is profound: while violent bank robberies occur in only 3.5% of all robberies, 49% of armored car robberies involve a violent act.

Armored car operators and personnel face a dual threat, as both the number of robberies and the presence of violence are on the rise. Strides have been taken to address these safety concerns, including the Hobbs Act, which establishes armored car robbery as a federal crime. However, findings indicate that this legal amendment has failed to deter the most violent criminals.

It is paramount for CIT operators to proactively address this rising threat. In our latest infographic, we present the most up-to-date research on armored car robberies and offer 8 ways to combat the threat of violent robberies.

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Can the Cash Processing and Transport System Become a High Reliability Organization?

By Lowers & Associates,

A High Reliability Organization (HRO) is one that achieves desired outcomes consistently, despite operating in a highly complex environment characterized by high risks. It learns from its failures, even those unanticipated, and uses them to improve over time.

Could the Cash Processing and Transport System (CPTS) operate like an HRO? Let’s begin by determining if CPTS shares the characteristics of an HRO. … Continue reading

The CIT Industry: Robberies Are Down, But Violence Is Up

By Lowers & Associates,

A spate of recent heist movies feature armored car robberies for a reason – violent action and high drama – with the villains taking big risks for a huge payout. The filmmakers certainly get it right when it comes to making movies that keep you on the edge of your seat.  However, the CIT industry loathes Hollywood’s depiction of armored vehicle attacks and bank robberies.  In reality, lives and property are put at risk and there usually are no happy endings.

Use of Force: Armored Cars v. Banks

Robbery statistics reviewed over the last ten years clearly show that armored car robberies are extremely violent when compared to bank robberies.  Although vastly more common, in traditional bank robberies an act of violence occurs on average 4% of the time, a figure that has remained relatively flat over the last decade.  Comparably, from 2004 to 2012, per the chart (below), an annual average of 43% of armored car robberies involve a violent act as the final outcome. … Continue reading