Hackers Gonna’ Hack: Recap of Theresa Payton at the SCTA Conference

By Lowers & Associates,

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True or false: 95% of all security breaches are due to sophisticated cybercriminals that we could not defend ourselves against.

Believe it or not, the answer is false. In fact, we are victims of breaches due to human error which is linked to poor security design.

This year’s SCTA Conference, which brought more than 200 cash management industry thought leaders to Chicago, was filled with insightful speakers and important discussions about the security, transportation, and management of cash in today’s world. The conference was highlighted by a keynote address from former White House CIO, Theresa Payton in which she stressed the need to design security “for the human psyche.” … Continue reading

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Beyond Ashley Madison: What’s a CSO to Do?

By Lowers & Associates,

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Authors: Joe Labrozzi and Michael Gaul

Imagine waking up to news reporting the credit card data of 37 million people has been hacked. And then learning that among the hacked are employees of your company who used their corporate email accounts to sign up for a service that connected people for the purpose of having an illicit affair.

What goes through your mind?

Do you ask, how can people be so stupid? Or do you ask other more salient questions such as: … Continue reading