How Perception Impacts the Quality of Your Healthcare Security Efforts

By Lowers & Associates,

We’ve all heard the age-old expression: “perception is everything”, or maybe even more dramatically, “perception is reality”, the latter attributed to political consultant Lee Atwater.

The way a program or organization is perceived by its customers, employees, and even the public at large triggers an emotional response that determines how people engage with it. Ultimately, these perceptions can influence the success (or failure) of that program or organization over time.

If the perception is one of trust and value, customers interact favorably (even generously) with engagement, with their dollars, and with word of mouth referrals. If perception is negative, the impact can be devastating. For as much as someone may respond generously after a positive experience, people are even more likely (up to 50%) to respond negatively and even give negative feedback when they have a bad experience.[1]

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How the Changing Face of Healthcare Impacts Security Risk

By Lowers & Associates,

It seems that with every shift in society’s standards or expectations, healthcare changes in the wake. Some major developments have occurred recently, and continue to unfold, which affect various aspects of the fabric of our culture, including healthcare.

These changes cause a subsequent trickle down to the security of healthcare, marking a rise in security risks. When our healthcare environments (hospitals, most notably) tip toward being less secure, this translates to a core infrastructure of our well-being being at risk – something requiring immediate and serious attention. … Continue reading