Lowers Risk Group in 2023

By Mark Lowers,

It hasn’t been easy, but I’m thrilled to say that our business has evolved significantly since the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, Lowers Risk Group provides a single point of contact to help businesses around the world manage complex pre-risk and post-loss challenges. Our clients operate in high-risk, highly regulated environments and call on our team of subject matter experts to help minimize risk exposure and maximize new opportunities that enable long-term growth. We’re helping our clients, partners, employees, and those they serve build resilience – and brighter futures.

In order to catch you up on how our business has changed and how our specialized team of global subject matter experts is helping consult on claims involving human capital, technology, cyber, large loss property, casualty, energy & mining, industrial, retail (and many, many more), we’ve put together a timeline of recent milestones.

And because sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words, we’ve also created a simple, interactive pre-risk and claims services map that highlights how each Lowers Risk Group service can help your business – and your client’s business – keep moving forward.

  • April 2020: Led by London insurance market veteran David Bosley, Lowers Risk Group launched Adjusteck, providing loss adjusting services to the global insurance community through a unique combination of technology and extensive partner network, with specialties in complex industrial claims.
  • May 2021: Lowers Risk Group launched Lowers Drone Solutions to simplify the collection, analysis, and distribution of aerial data and provide insurance professionals and business owners deeper insights into their potential risk for better real-time decision-making.
  • July 2021: In collaboration with Mastercard, Lowers Risk Group launched Periculus, providing small to medium-sized businesses access to tools, services, and solutions – including a free Cyber Quant assessment and access to cyber insurance – to make managing business risks simple.
  • November 2021: Lowers Risk Group exited the human capital space selling its public records research firm Wholesale Screening Solutions as part of a move that enabled the formation of a new company InformData, focused on curating a “people data” platform serving a variety of industries including insurance markets.
  • May 2022: Through Lowers Forensics International, Lowers Risk Group launched the next generation of Stratis, an AI-powered platform that automates the BI calculation process to handle high-volume claims more efficiently, helping get insureds back on their feet faster.
  • September 2022: Lowers Risk Group formed LRG technologies as part of create technology solutions to help your business grow. Our security-focused development and decades of risk management experience ensure you’re prepared for whatever comes next.
  • April 2023: With its insurtech product success, Lowers Risk Group will debut Risk Concierge by Periculus at RIMS 2023, featuring an updated app and marketplace that includes a suite of assessments and new solution providers to give businesses everything they need to manage risk, all in one place.

Heading to RIMS in Atlanta?

Visit our recently updated microsite that gives you everything you need to know about our business, team, and key resources.

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Unprecedented Uncertainty Drives Broader Focus on Risk Management

By Lowers & Associates,

avoidable risk

risk managementUncertainty is and always has been the issue of contention for risk managers. But the degree and range of global uncertainty faced by organizations around the world is truly unprecedented. Events that have occurred since the 2001 terrorist attacks point to levels and areas of risk many had never before imagined.  Natural disasters, acts of terror, corporate governance scandals, the dot-com collapse, the housing bubble burst—events like these and the uncertainty they have injected into the world have caused organizations to place a greater and broader emphasis on risk management.

More than ever, the focus is on being proactive, instead of reactive. … Continue reading

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