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byLowers & Associates | July 10, 2020

Daniel Cootes, AIExpE and Client Relationship & Operations Manager for Lowers & Associates UK office, shares some insights into his experience assessing an operation in Asia whose SOPs weren’t so much incorrect but existed in an environment where uncertainty was not a risk the insurer was willing to ignore.

byLowers & Associates | July 02, 2020

Brad Moody tells a story of social engineering fraud that, had the CEO created the culture of a high-reliability organization, may have had a different outcome.

byLowers & Associates | June 25, 2020

Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) are funny things. At their most basic, BCPs are the real-world response to the old “Hope for the best, Plan for the worst” adage.  It’s honest recognition that being stuck between a rock and hard…

byLowers & Associates | June 18, 2020

By Neil Watson and Keith Gray Insurance loss happens for many reasons.  For a business, common causes include armed robbery, theft, customer injury, floods, fires, and storm damage; but any natural disaster, large-scale event, or man-made act can bring…

byKristopher Keefauver | June 11, 2020

“I knew him for years. He was like family. How could he do this to me and my business?” It’s an all-too-familiar question after a long-term or trusted employee is caught or suspected of stealing from a company. So,…